About Hanlie Moolman-Smook

Hanlie Moolman-Smook is a molecular biologist who obtained her PhD in Medical Biochemistry from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa in 1998. Moolman-Smook has spearheaded research into the identity and functional effects of genetic causes and modifiers of inherited heart conditions in South Africa. She has already made important contributions in this field and is recognized both nationally and internationally. She has published numerous sciencitfic articles and has been the recipient of numerous prizes and grants, most recent of which is a highly competitive Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship, the South African National Research Foundation’s President’s award, given to South Africa’s most promising young scientists, and the MRC Woman of the Year award. She is involved in capacity development, mentoring and training of post-graduate students and junior researchers at the University of Stellenbosch Faculty of Health Sciences.

In recent years her research focus has expanded to include investigations of the genetic susceptibility to anxiety disorders. When her own daughter was diagnosed with autism in 2005, she focused on trying to understand the neurobiology underlying the behaviours common to children with autistic spectrum disorder. She is a qualified Child and Adolescent Counsellor and also holds diplomas or certificates in Bérard Auditory Integration Training, Neurofeedback, Braingym and Integrated Learning Therapy (incorporating HANDLE and Primary Reflex Integration). Using these modalities and drawing on her research background and understanding of brain development, she focuses on finding ways to allow individuals of all ages with developmental and learning challenges to feel more comfortable in their own bodies so that they can function optimally.

What others say about Braintrain100:

A (mother of girl with verbal dyspraxia, 4yrs old): You should hear H talk! I’m a very happy mommy!

G (mother of non-verbal boy with autism, 4yrs old): A is doing brilliantly. He is pointing and asking and talking - definitely sentence structure of 4 words or more now. It's amazing.

Y (mother of non-verbal boy with autism, 4yrs old): I definitely see improvement [after AIT]. J is trying to say words and is listening better.

S (mother of failing final year BSc student, 22yrs old): At last! We are sitting here in the DF Malan hall in Stellenbosch [University], waiting for R to receive her degree. Thank you BrainTrain100!!!

M (mother of 12 yr-old girl with attention issues): Thank you for your positive energy, our kids enjoy it a lot and enjoy the sessions with you!

T (mother of 7 yr-old boy with dyspraxia and auditory processing difficulties)- Starting off with AIT a year ago, followed by Neurofeedback Therapy for the past 8months – great improvement in his speech and general reasoning ability and it did wonders for his self esteem and confidence. He loves the sessions with tannie Hanlie, because it is making a difference in his life!

A (mother of girl with reading and writing difficulties, 8yrs old): I would like to thank you for helping Mia come a long way in so many different ways. I brought her to you because she was having trouble with her reading and writing at school and the normal remedial lessons weren’t helping. I see now that she was struggling with a lot of other things that I didn’t even realise until now. After coming to you for AIT and me giving her massages that you taught me every day, and doing the exercises that you gave us she became a different child. It almost seemed like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she became a lighter, bouncier and happier child. Her teacher noted a marked improvement in the speed that she was doing her work. She is now completing all her work on time, which never happened before. She is writing better and her reading has improved. Her hand eye co-ordination is much better now and she is now doing tennis and mini cricket as an extra mural at school and loves it, before she struggled to catch or throw a ball.